To help ensure all children enter school ready to succeed in kindergarten and beyond, the Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network created the Early Learning Collaborative (HITN-ELC) to produce research- based, engaging learning resources for three- and four-year-old children, their teachers and their families. Supported through a federal Ready to Learn grant, these transmedia resources provide multiple paths and opportunities for children to develop English language, literacy and math skills. Comprising apps, storybooks, games, and suggestions for teachers and parents, these integrated suites of transmedia resources have been proven effective through summative studies and pilot implementations across the United States and Puerto Rico.


Tapping and swiping are both intentional and appropriate as children explore and learn English language, literacy and math skills with the help of 15 immersive apps known as the Pocoyo® Playsets®. While the Pocoyo® Playsets® can be used independently, content learning and language development are optimized when children use these collaboratively with other children or with an adult.

Where to Find the Apps?

The Pocoyo® Playsets® engage each child in exploring, creating and learning new concepts and vocabulary, with fun and laughter! Find 15 Pocoyo® Playset® apps for math, literacy, and ELD on the App Store by searching for Pocoyo® Playsets®!

FREE School Readiness Kits for Preschoolers and Families

Do you work with preschool aged children? Order these FREE kits from the Early Learning Collaborative (ELC) to share with your students’ families. Each kit is packed with learning resources and activities specially crafted to help children ages 3 to 5 prepare for school.

What’s Inside

  • • Interactive storybook
  • • Family activities guide
  • • Personal journal
  • • Learning toys
  • • A zippered pouch to keep it all in one place


  • • Kindergarten readiness skills
  • • English-Spanish bilingual support
  • • English language development
  • • Literacy skills
  • • Math practice

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Sign up below to see if your organization is eligible for free School Readiness Kits. Eligible organizations serve a minimum of 100 three- or four-year-old children and their families and agree to distribute the kits as part of a parent/family workshop (outline provided by the Early Learning Collaborative) to guide kit use. Kits will be delivered in early 2017 to eligible organizations while supplies last.

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